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Post What You Want To Be Found For

by Lynette Young

Google+It is a (fairly) well known fact that Facebook content is not displayed to every person that subscribe or ‘likes’ your Facebook Page. Instead, a proprietary Facebook algorithm known as EdgeRank decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed. The algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn’t score well, no one will see it.

by Josh Ewin Google+By including results from Google+ in normal search results, Google is able to take personal search to the next level, by showing you results that are relevant to your network of friends. When Google first launched Google Plus, I was not interested. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Google or feel that it was inferior exactly. I just already had my primary networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google Plus had some OK features, but it felt clunky by comparison. It wasn’t until I had a sense of Google’s plans for Google+ and the impact of building out a following on there that I fully embraced it. And once I did, it quickly became my favorite and most productive network.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Aiming to replace the hard drive altogether, Dropbox is making moves to expand operating as just a simple cloud storage app to a fully-fledged platform of services. Introduced at the cloud storage provider's first developer conference on Tuesday morning, the Dropbox Platform was touted by the company's CEO and founder Drew Houston as "a new foundation to solve the problems of sync so you don't have to."

Social Media Examiner Tip 4: Optimize the About Section for Search After adding your Short Description, make sure to review and complete the remainder of the About area, which has subsections such as Company Overview, Description, General Information and Mission. The About area is indexed by search engines, so make sure it contains your keywords. The exact subsections you see will vary depending on the Page category you have chosen.