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Envato Market Plugin - Wordpress Websites and Training - Sara Ohara

You can now update Themes & Plugins from your Dashboard!

The KEY to prevent being hacked is to keep your Themes and Plugins Updated. Be sure to read this Post about my 4 easy, fast and free steps you need to take before updating anything:

If you purchased your Theme or any plugins (sliders mostly) from Themeforest they now have a Plugin that will let you do it from your WordPress Dashboard. This is especially crucial for Themes as downloading and uploading a new version of a Theme has caused problems.

BUT before you use this contact whomever created your Theme and ask if they approve of this Plugin. My own Theme is a bit ‘advanced’ and it worked fine! Of course, with any Theme update there may be necessary changes. In one website I just updated the Theme the font was a lot bigger – but that was an easy change.

  1. FIRST Log into your Themeforest/Envato Account using ONLY Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  2. Go to: http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/
  3. Using Chrome Click Download.Zip at the top of the page (do NOT open the envato-market.zip folder).
  4. In your dashboard go to Plugins and Add New and Upload Plugin. Browse to find it – probably in your Downloads folder. Click Install Now and then Activate Plugin.
  5. Envato Market will now be in the left column of your Dashboard.
  6. Click the ‘generate a personal token’, accept and then copy the Token.
  7. Go back to your Dashboard and past it in the box and then click SAVE CHANGES.
  8. Go to Appearance/Themes and update it.

NOTE: Sometimes it may take a few minutes for the Updates to show.

Sara Ohara
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