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My Latest WordPress Website

Although I enjoy every website I make, this one contains some VERY useful information about nutrition and the power of the food we eat. Great recipes too – today’s is Berry Cherry Compote with only 110 calories and 1 g fat per serving! Almost makes me want to cook!

www.Mindful Nutrition Solutions

Mindful Nutrition SolutionsWe live in exciting times with a rapid expansion of knowledge about the impact of our environment and our lifestyle on our health, energy, and physical functioning. The sheer amount of information (and misinformation) can feel overwhelming at times.

To help you sort through this information, you will find links to some of my presentations and publications, most of which include practical “bottom line” recommendations that you can apply to your own life. You will also find links to other resources that I have found especially helpful and/or inspirational on my journey. These are offered as “food for thought” in the hope that some may resonate and/or provide you with new insight on your journey.

Sara Ohara
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