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Does Your Website Content Say You Are Just Like Everybody Else?

I like my chiropractor. He’s good at what he does.

He’s also personable. We have great conversations about everything. And, because he sees all his patients as unique individuals, he’s a genuinely caring person.

His office walls display his certificates in pharmacology as well as chiropractic. He also hangs framed photographs autographed by the athletes he’s helped.

His website, however, says he’s just like any other chiropractor on the planet. There’s nothing on that site about his background and why he became a chiropractor or even why he likes being one.

And there are no testimonials or customer success stories.

He simply bought hosting services from a company that caters only to chiropractors. He pasted his photo and contact information in the template provided. Presto! He has an instant website that would never attract a visitor or convince anyone to try his services.

I call this the boilerplate approach to content writing. Boilerplate doesn’t work well, even if you’re just using your website as an online brochure.

You have to distinguish yourself through stories about you and your customers.

What’s Your Story?

Spend some time asking yourself questions about all your experiences. How did you get to where you are today? Dig deep to uncover whole scenes in your personal and professional experience—from the prequel to the aftermath.

Then write down the CARs: the challenges you faced, the actions you took to solve a problem, and the results from the actions you took. Job seekers develop CARs for resumes and job interviews.

CARs are good for business owners, too.

What’s Your Customer’s Story?

Now spend some time asking yourself questions about your customers. Who are they and why do they do business with you?

Better yet, ask your customers to tell you about themselves and their experience with you and your business. Then ask them if you can share their customer success stories on your website.

These Bits of Widom are from Alice Brzovic

Sara Ohara
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