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Pros & Cons of 1-Page Websites

SEO factor is a big Con.

The trend for parallax scrolling websites is as strong as ever in 2014 and those who said it would just be a short term design fad destined to go the way of flash websites are not  looking too smart at the moment. There are still plenty who prefer to keep their distance from this style whilst they are many converts will extoll their virtues at the drop of a hat and see them as their go to web design style to impress and wow clients. The reason why there is such a divide in opinion is normally down to different people having different priorities for a website. In the main the pros and cons can be summarized as following:
Pros: There is no doubt that parallax websites can look amazing which can lead to greater customer engagement and conversions (leads, sales, clicks etc). It is also the case that many people like scrolling vertically due to the growing use of mouse tracker balls and viewing via mobile devices where scrolling is far easier than clicking. The ease in which they can be adapted to a responsive mobile design is also a big plus for many designers, especially with responsive frameworks like Boostrap and Zurb Foundation.

Cons: Visitors need to find the site before they can be impressed by it and it is true that putting so much content on one page can make it harder to rank for multiple keywords. The H1 title, URL can only be done once per page and as these have a big impact on search engine rankings it is normally preferable to create a new page for each keywords phrase targeted. Although parallax scrolling sites don’t prevent this (i.e. there is nothing to stop a parralax site having loads of inner pages each focused on a particular keyword phrase) the most popular trend of only having a single page parallax scrolling site, as shown in many of the examples below, would not keep the SEO gurus happy.  It is also sometimes argues that they are slower to load than traditional sites due to the amount of content on a single page but this can be overcome by better hosting and CDNs.

Anyway, enough about their cons –  let’s just admire their beauty. Here is a list of some awesome parallax site designs below which will hopefully give you some inspiration for your designs. from http://www.webdesignerhub.com/inspirational-parallax-web-designs/


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