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Research Popular Content From Your Competitors

Social Media Tip from the pro Ian Cleary

If a type of content is popular with the audience of your competitors and colleagues, it stands to reason that a similar post will be popular with your audience.

This isn’t about copying content, it’s about crafting content around a similar topic, but with a different slant.

For example, Jeff Bullas wrote a blog post on 7 Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore, which was very popular. I used his post as inspiration to write a post titled 7 Social Media Tool Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore that was also very popular.

There are a few tools that will help with research:
1. Social Crawlytics does an analysis of your competitor’s content and shows you how often each post is shared across each of the social networks.
2. SEMRush shows you what keywords bring your competitor the most traffic so you can target the same keywords in your own content.


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