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SEO Jobs Declining in 2016

They don’t say why but I imagine it’s because if you have a WordPress website you can do your own SEO – easily and for free! Contact me if you would like to know how…

The number of search engine optimization (SEO) job openings has declined this year compared with 2015, and the average salaries of common SEO jobs have dropped as well, according to a recent report from Conductor.

The report was based on an analysis of 2016 US data from Indeed and Payscale.

The researchers examined the number of jobs posted online and the average salaries for positions such as SEO coordinator, SEO specialist, and SEO analyst.

The total number of SEO-related jobs posted declined 7% this year compared with 2015 in the 20 US cities with the most positions, the analysis found.

The average salary for an SEO-related job declined 6% this year compared with 2015. SEO coordinator roles had the largest drop in average salary (-19%).

Source: Marketingprofs.com



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