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To Improve SEO, Focus on the Page

For example, if a customer searches Google for “pizza cutter,” Google will return a page of search results containing individual pages with the highest relevance and authority signals for “pizza cutter.” Painfully obvious, right?

If you want to drive more natural search visits to a page, you need to improve the relevance and authority of that page. That’s SEO 101. But one of the hardest parts for marketers to understand when they’re in the thick of content creation is the phrase “of that page.”

Search engines are picky. It’s the way they’re designed, with algorithms that determine the presence or absence of certain variables within the datasets collected for each page. Certain domain-wide variables are also taken into account, like domain authority and the overall theme and context of the site. But many aspects of SEO come down to the relevance and authority signals that each page sends individually. Read more


Sara Ohara
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