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Individual & Group Training – by Sara Ohara

Education is not Preparation for life,
 Education is Life Itself
John Dewey – and me…

We offer Personalized WordPress and other Computer Training in YOUR office or home, on YOUR computer, at a time that fits YOUR schedule. Training is tailored to YOUR interests and is available in San Diego, San Francisco Area and Sacramento. In San Diego we offer WordPress and other Computer Classes as well.


Personalized Training will provide you with the knowledge you need to assist you in your business or personal life. Instruction for anyone ages 5 – 95. We offer Non-Profit discounts and are experienced with both PC’s and Macs.

  • WordPress Websites: create or maintain your Website
  • WordPress Blogs: a great way to promote your business or yourself
  • Facebook, Google+ & Twitter: connect with clients, friends & family
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization for your Website or Blog
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Google AdWords
  • Email Marketing: with a ‘Join my Email List’ on your website, emails are added automatically
  • eBay, Pinterest, Google, Craigslist, Chrome
  • Word Processing: newsletters, biographies & templates
  • Excel: spreadsheets, formulas & templates