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Jeff Yeomans Art - Wordpress Websites and Training - Sara Ohara

The Best Thing About Social Media

Jeff is a client I’ve helped with his WordPress website several times – his latest Post talks about why he’s now a big believer in Social Media and Blogging. Thanks for this Bit of Wisdom Jeff Yeomans Fine Art

“I have to share a great recent experience. I’m a reluctant blogger and FB user but my opinion changed dramatically this week. Although I live in San Diego, I’m frequently in Laguna Beach at Studio 7, where I show my paintings. Last Monday, my wife suggested I let people know the days I’m planning to be in Laguna, just in case people who know me, or my work might make the effort to stop by.

Sure enough, yesterday afternoon a surfing buddy from high school and his wife showed up unannounced (and really put me on the spot.) After 40+ years I didn’t recognize him (embarrassed, I really tried) but we spent the next hour or so catching up on each other’s lives and “talking story”. They’re down from Paso Robles visiting their new grandchild and stopped in. All because of my FB post! It was so cool — the afternoon flew by and to reconnect was “priceless” to quote that VisaCard commercial.

What I learned — make the time to use social media a little more. It can open new doors and old ones as well.”

Jeff Yeomans Art



Sara Ohara
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